Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Fun Pictures

I wanted to sit in the middle and just start eating.

This shy young man was selling live chickens

Bob and all his women, oh yes the man in the back wanted to join in.

Bob, took this picture it could be a post card

This is as close to a snake we have come.

I am so grateful for roofs that do not leak and stay attached.

Found Bambi

The Mission President in Zambia, Pres. Patovich worked for Warner Brothers and did TV. This was one of my favorite programs and he was in charge of it so he gave Bob a Tee shirt.  I of course will love it.

Front side of Tee shirt.  Red John

Just hanging out for the day

Saftey in numbers

The two senior ladies who have to watch where they walk....

Two for the click of one.
Hope you enjoy a few fun pictures. We enjoy sharing with you.
                                        Bob and Wendy

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