Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Week Finished at MTC

Staring at the left is our instructor Bro. Hepworth, next is Sister Washburn and Sis McHarque, they are going to the Philippines, Brother and Sister Whetman going to LA Mission Office, us and Sister and Brother Cater going to DFW Mission.


This is a peaceful picture of a hallway that is never empty. 
We just got lucky.The view is from the cafeteria to the front doors.

Our first week was spent in classes from 8AM to 8PM.  We finished the day with 2 hours of French. Our brains are on overload but so grateful for the opportunity.  We were able to take a small break Saturday afternoon and went out to lunch.  Oh, I have never appreciated having someone serve me and take away the dishes.  The enthusiasm of the instructors gets a little unnerving at about 3PM when I would have loved to take a power nap.  They are like energizing bunnies. They truly love their jobs and are a delight when you get over the energy problem.

We are very anxious for week two. We will be focusing on our specific assignment. We will have the opportunity to meet with trainers that have been in the Congo. We will update you next week.
Elder and Sister Bowers

The "Ready Room"....

Here are a couple of pictures that show our "ready room" prior to packing and leaving for the Missionary Training Center.
Think We Are Taking Enough Pill's?