Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our New Pink Flat

These are the before pictures.  This is looking into the bedroom

Looking at the sink in kitchen and hole where the stove will be.

One of my favorite rooms.  Wendy's le Marche'

Another view of the Marche'

This is looking up at the Flat above us.  The Wonderful Evanson's live there until 24th of May when they will be transferred to Cameroon to finish their mission.

Yes, our little friend comes with the flat.

Behind curtain number 1 is??

Yes, I have a microwave.  I feel so blessed. Of course you need power to use it!

It is the best Mini Mart in Lubumbashi.  I can shop anytime I want.

You can see stove and refer.  Lovely blue walls.

This is the working room. All great ideas start here. Oh, it came with a worker!

I really did purchase some items.  It took me six months and bought them in Zambia. The woman on the bike has a baby on her back.

The table near the window is our conference table. The desk you see is for Flavien.

I saved the best for last.  Do you see the size of that bed!  No more falling off for me.

So you now have seen our new flat.  We love it.  We have AC in our office and our bedroom. Poor Bob freezes and I am so happy.  The dry season is just beginning so the dust will return.  They say the month of May is the warmest, but then the temp will drop dramically.  I can't wait.  I have a sweater than still has the tags on it. LOL

I will follow up this with some other fun pictures.  We miss everyone.   Bob and Wendy

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