Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I want all those that know me
 to see this.  A table set and ready for a real dinner party. 
Even making veggies, Dinner is at 5:30PM. Getting it all set up for a wonderful evening with E/S Bunker and E/S Doucette (they are the short term specialists from the US for NRT).
The chicken in the oven with the temp prob that was such a good idea to bring.  Then***** Out goes the power and the chicken was finally baked at 10PM and no party!!!!

 Really liked seeing flowers along the roadside.  Yellow daises.
This just looked like our typical ride on the highway. Man selling his charcoal, cars and trucks.  Was a great day in the DRC.

This is what the Big Moon looked like in the DRC. Was able to catch this through some trees.  It was really bright.

 Here is truly a real life photo. We use our headlamps almost daily.  When power is out at night this is what you would see.
The day has finally arrived to finish our wheelchair project.  Loading up 40 chairs and parts to get them to the Stake Center for the next three days of training.  Sooooo glad this day has arrived.  Do you think there are a few directors??

 The man on top is the hero!

 Oh, we forgot some better squeeze them into our truck.

 The Techs and Physiotherapist are getting a first hand experience on what it would be like to spend your life in a wheelchair.  Or even better to not have a chair and crawl everywhere.

 This gentlemen could not go anywhere because he could not walk.  Now he will be able to attend any function he wants with the help of his teenage children.
On the way out he took a moment to express his gratitude for this gift.  It was a moment where no words were necessary.

This woman crawled into the building using the block under her chair.  She would hold the block in one hard and just drag herself along.  Again no words to express how grateful we are to have been present for this project.

 This gentlemen has metal stumps for feet.  He came in on Crutches.  He left in a chair that he can work all by himself. Again so much gratitude.

 This woman also crawled in with her son.  She spent hours working on her ability to work the trike attachment to this chair. In the end it was just to hard, but she left with a chair that her little boy will push.
The Big Dog.  So happy to have helped this small family out.  It was a very emotional moment.

 This young man had no legs.  Was very nervous that he would not be accepted to the program.  He left with a new chair and trike attachment.
 This woman had one leg.  She had on a dress with Chickens on it.  Bob and I both asked her where she found the fabric because I have got to get some for my Sis.  She also left with new wheels.

Best moment of all.  With certificates in hand these wonderful dedicated men and woman will go out and help there fellow countrymen become more mobile in a properly fitted wheelchair.  Each chair was measured and fitted to exactly the right size for each recipient.  It was truly a great week.  Our emotions are spent and we will need extra sleep tonight.

To all of you we send our love.  Life is so good to us and we have had a real big dose of gratitude this past week.

Bob and Wendy

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