Sunday, November 27, 2011

No this isn't Magic Johnson, just his number.
There is a basketball court in town, all the
players wear NBA type jersey's.
This is a rented Chapel that was being remodeled in
Kasumbelasawhich is the last town before
the Zambia Border.

This picture was taken while in Kasumbelasa, miles and miles
of trucks waiting to cross the Zambia Border.
These are the neighbors to the new Chapel in Kasumbelasa.
We were parking our truck next to a medical clinic
in the Village of Kanyaka and saw this turkey walking around,
very brave to do this just before Thanksgiving.

We have been asked what type of shoes we wear.  Wendy has her's  in brown, blue, black and tan.  Bob has black.  We have not suffered any foot problems, thank you SAS and New Balance.


We sent out our November letter today hope you all enjoyed it.  If you did not receive it and would like to please send us your email address.  Hugs to all   Bob and Wendy

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beautiful Sunset From Our Front Porch
We Had A Friendly Visitor Mr. Gecko

Starting Lunch

Now Lunch Is Served, Fish, Cassava Bread In Bowl and Sauce YUM!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Trying to find the last blade of grass, winter has started.
Ranch hand Ty Israelsen
with his trusty chicken feeding the steers.

Family Pictures From The Ranch

Snowing at the ranch, doesn't stop feeding time.
Nobody slows down at feeding time.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kanyaka Village, Katanga Provience....Chief of Village, His Wife, Flavien and Sister Bowers

We have met the chief and his wife and we are in the village starting to work on a water and sanitation project.
When we first met the chief we met under a grass hut, he was sipping on a beer, half way through our meeting he sprinted to the must be nice to be the chief.

This is the chief's house, he is stacking bricks next to house to build a new home.
This is the chiefs shower, he was in it
showering when we first arrived.

This is the inside of the chiefs shower, lucky he is short.

This is the latrine, most hut's have their own! Notice what holds on the roof.
Some of the kids in the village hanging out.

Sunday in Africa

Well as you can tell it is amazing what you can do when you ask your IT man in the states how to get the pictures to download.  Thanks to Mike we are up and running... To day is Sunday and we are being entertained at this moment with the most amazing lightening and thunder show.  It is so loud at times we just look at each other and laugh.  Only in Africa can I laugh at lightening, but it is truly beautiful, as long as it stays next door and down the street and not in our yard.  Now the rain...  We have had three to four storms this week and it had cooled things down.. That is good for me, since I am always warm.  The area is getting very green and the streets very muddy.  We have had a truck the last two weeks and will have for another 2 until the couple returns that it belongs to.  After that it will be very hard to get into the villages without it, so the work may slow until we get our truck.  I guess once a truck is ordered it takes 3 months to get it to us so it could be after the first of the year before we get ours.  It is raining so very hard I do not believe I have ever seen it rain this hard.  Only in Africa. It is coming under the front door. Well, need to pause and get some rags....OK, have a mop and bucket ready for what force comes under the door.

In our neighborhood all the homes are behind large walls, some of the gates have art on them.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flavien and Crystal

Our wonderful translator Flavien and his wife Crystal celebrating her birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Lubumbashi.