Monday, July 9, 2012


We can receive mail now.  They really have mail and Fed EX and DHL.  Told you this is a real city.  Our address is:

Elder and Sister Bowers
Zambia Lusaka Mission
Plot 14038
Katima Mulilo Road
Lusaka, Zambia

Bob and Wendy


Well, it is moving time for us.  We have never heard about a Senior Couple being transferred from one Mission to another until NOW.  We received a phone call on June 4th telling us we were being transferred to Lusaka, Zambia (for we think) the remainder of our mission.  You know the quote it is "the worst of times it is the best of times".  Well, I found it the worst of times and Bob found it the best of times.  We packed up as much as the Bashi Truck would hold and said our tearful good -bys and off we went. We left on June 29th and we have not returned the Bashi Truck as of this writing, because we have no wheels of our own in Lusaka. 

You can see the most important item was packed first.  The printer

We shoved everything we could get into the truck. We were not just moving us, but everything we had in our flat that we could. As it was we left our office furniture, gave away food and closed the door.

Now comes the really hard part of saying goodbye.

This was the killer for me. Flavien, his wife, Octavia, Dan and baby Brent.  My heart was breaking.

This was party day. Pres. and sister Packer in the middle were also saying goodbye after 2 years.  They departed on July 2nd. The office workers and families and our dear sweet friends Elder and Sister Bunker.  We will miss them all so very much.

We just had to get a pic with everyone.

We are now in the Lusaka Flat. Just a couple pictures to show that we really made it.

The beds just keep getting bigger. If we move again I can not imagine what size it would be!

They use bottled water here. We put our filter in the bathroom. It is really cool because the cooler has hot and cold...

Lots of counter space for all my cooking. LOL

My Marcha is not as large, but still works. It is amazing to see my supply reduced. I am so surprised each time I throw away a bottle.

The following pictures are from our Africa 4th of July Bar B Q.

As you can see we have Lays!!  Fanta Orange is the drink of Africa!!

For those that know. I had a Mikes Combo !!!

At the far end are Pres. and Sister Patovich. The are from Santa Clarita in Calif.  They are truly GREAT. 

Elder and Sister Lookhart.  They are from Boise, Idaho.  He is the money man and she gets everything done.

Love this picture.  Tells the story.  All the men, Bob, Elder Louthan and Elder Lookhart all listening to Pres. Patovich, while the ladies are in the kitchen cleaning up.  Some things do not change just because you are in Africa.

Bob, hard at work putting the TV together.  The TV is used for DVDs only.  No cable.

Bob's side of the office.  We just received our new furniture.

My side. Note my wonderful footrest. We had it made in Bashi.  Of course the chair here has only one height, so I sit pretty low.

Table runner with my bicycles loaded with coal, wood and a chicken.  These are true to life what we saw on the streets in Bashi.

Dresser runner.  Picture of Sis and me o the far end. Miss my sis so much.

We bought the rug.  Since the picture we have curtains.

This is another table runner that we hung in the kitchen.  Copied this idea from Sis. Louthan next door.  It really gives color and life to the kitchen.
Lusaka is a real city.  It has malls, movies and they speak English. Bob loves it here.  My heart is still in Bashi. My adjustment is taking longer than Bob and he is being so kind about waiting for me to come around.

So how you have seen our 3rd flat.  We hope it will be the last.  As Bob said in our letter we will be home in March 2013. We have been out now 10 months.  Hard to believe some days.

We love and miss you all.  Have a wonderful summer, swim, ride bikes, read but most of all enjoy each other.

Bob and Wendy