Friday, March 23, 2012

Saying Farewell to our First Flat in the DRC

There are no words for us to say Goodbye to our guards and leave our first flat.
This has been a great first home for the past 6 months. I took these
pictures off the front step while it was raining.  It truly is magical here. Such
perfect color. They were taken in the order you see them. For those that
know me well the colors in the first picture are my favorite.  We move
into our new PINK flat completely on Monday.  We are moving some items
daily and moving all office furniture tomorrow (3-24). We have a
wheelchair project starting Monday so things are crazy.  Bob is at the airport
right now picking up the Program Specialists E/S Dow.  The trainers will arrive
tomorrow from the US.  We do our program Monday to Thursday and word has
it the Governor may come to the hand over program on Thurs.  That would
be huge!!!!  We leave on Friday for Zambia , with the Dow's to develop
a wheelchair program there.  We are busy, happy and missing all of
you. We hope to get our monthly letter done while in Zambia, but for now
enjoy this little slice of heaven.  Will add new flat pictures soon.
Bob and Wendy

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