Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Country Directors Conference in South Africa March 2012

Out of the 20 missionary couples in this picture half of them will be going home this year and the other half in 2013. They are from the United States and England.  They are serving in Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo Kinshasa, DR Congo Lubumbashi, Botswana,Mozambique and Madagascar.  There are Specialists from Salt Lake City and our very own Area Welfare Manager, Thabo.

We had a wonderful conference.  We were all able to attend a session at the Johannesburg Temple.  We filled the room.

It was really nice to visit with other Country Directors and listen to all their positive experiences.  We shared size of flats, water or none, power or non and hot water or none.  We could separate out the visitors from the US by the color of their white shirts.  It was dramatic to see the difference. LOL

We are now back in Lubumbashi getting ready for our Wheelchair project.  We are very excited to see some of our local friends receive chairs.  It is such a great honor to be a part of this great work.

After the project we leave immediately for Zambia.  We will be with the Wheelchair Program Directors and will try and develop a program in Lusaka.  We will also stay and have the opportunity to work with the Government in a Measles Immunization Campaign. We will be doing social mobilization for this program.  We will be back the first part of June to work the program.

Please know we miss and love all of you very much.
E/S Bowers 

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