Sunday, December 4, 2011

We were in the Katuba Stake
looking at a house where they
raise chickens, these were some
of the kids that live at the house.
They have never seen
Mormon Missionaries before.
This is a picture of the street
where the kids live, very muddy
as it had just rained.

This girl was getting water in
the Village of Lumata. This is
a hand dug well and they pull
the water out with a bucket on
a strap.

This is the same girl only close up,
this was the best smile we could get,
but when we had her look at her picture
in the camera she cracked up.
This was probably the best picture from our trip to the Village of Lumata.
We had walked through the village and down the train
tracks to look at a water tower.  We were walking back to the
truck and noticed that Sister Bowers had about 50 of her
newest friends following her.  It must have been the game
she played with them, "heads, shoulders, knees and toes".

This is one of the goats in the village,
because the village is so far into the country
there is plenty of feed, we saw many goats.

We saw this little boy standing on a dirt
road, we would trying to find the farmer
outside of the village to get permission
to look on his property for water. 
Nice big smile!
This is one of the village pigs looking for food.

Here is a picture of the farmers land showing
the lake in distance.
This is more of the farmers land, he has about fifty head
of cattle, each hectare (about 15 acres) cost $700.00 USD.
He only spoke Swahili so we don't know how many
acres he owned, but we drove through his farm for about
3 miles trying to find a water source for the village.
Beautiful land with lake.

Here is what walking in the African bush looks like.
We found two springs feeding the lake, unfortunately
they are on the wrong side the hill to do the village any good.
Wendy walks ahead looking for snakes.


  1. LOVE all these pictures! I especially love all those sweet little kids following Wendy. Love hearing about all your adventures! Oh, and true love for Wendy to be the snake scout. What a woman. Bob, still waiting to see you in a picture....

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