Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Adventures for our first full week

These are the most important men in my life for this week.  The men of Microcom.  They first arrived on Tuesday to connect us to internet.  It woked Tues.. nite and then gone... They came back on thurs. and took our antenna away.  Back on Friday and here we are.  I am so very very happy.  So keep emails coming, I can respond at night  when time permits, but promise to send a short message.

These are my new friends.  We are about 50 miles out of town.  We are looking for areas of need. This is a small village of 500.  They had 4 water pumps, but only this one is working.  We are learning the culutre.  We are not suspose to just drop in on a village.  We need to see the Chief before we speak to the people, so we will return and do it properly.  We also bring the chief a gift. Such as salt, sugar or something important.  We are learning daily.  They told us that it cost $200USD to get this foot pump well fixed and they have 3 others to fix.  It is a shame that the people that put in the pump did not give them a box of parts to keep it working.  These are things we can learn from.

Yes, they really carry everything on their head.  You would not believe the balance these women have. They can do this and they are beautiful.  Not just pretty, but beautiful.  High cheek bones, flawles skin and no wrinkles (none).  You can never guess how old they are.  These are the women I have seen in the city.  They women in the villages are beautiful just a little more worn.

Well on a personal note.  I lost a crown last Sunday... Just 4 days after arriving.  Went to the dentist on Tuesday.  He asked when we were doing back to the US and I told him 23 months and he said Oh, not good.  Not only did the crown fall out but a part of the tooth came with it.  He said he would try and glue it back in but no way will it hold for 23 months.  Then it would need a root canal and a new crown.  I don't think so!!!!  I know anything is possible and it could hold for exactly 23 months and fall out on the plane home, so I will keep praying for that.

Our flat has 17 stairs to the bedroom and each one is a different shape and size and level and height. We all know how much Bob loves stairs (not). Last time we had stairs he broke his ankle.  We are very careful and hold on to the rail and turn on all lights  that have power.  Otherwise he is doing well.
Food here is really really expensive.  My children know how little I spend at the store and would be shocked at the amount I have spent in 10 days.  No coupons here .. It was really bad last week when the refer was out for so long and we had to throw away so much, but solved that problem with a really really long extension cord so I move the refer plug with extension cord around until I find an outlet that works and we now have a running refer all the time.  It is amazing what we can make up. Oh, well had to create the extension cord!!!
I will close with  this picture for a laugh.

Love love you and miss you
Bob and Wendy

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  1. I am so glad to see that you guys are doing well! I loved your pictures. It sounds like you are having an exciting time already!